About Franz Huber


“sculptures like friends – unparalleled“

“nature’s majestic strength”

“natural Huber – wood and art”

“originals – sculptures – trunk lights – plant columns”

“originals with a homey energy and charisma”

“natural art for aficionadas and connoisseurs”

“natural ‘arts & crafts’ from Switzerland”


huber8Franz Huber was born in 1958, in the idyllic canton of Appenzell, Switzerland.


Trees have always played a huge role in Franz Huber’s life. He is a trained farmer, arborist and landscape gardener and has also worked as a carpenter and woodcarver producing inlays, carved pictures and wooden figures.

The aspiring artist grew up with a deep love of nature, and it is this affinity of nature that shows in his inspiring art.


Like no-one else, he contrives to turn wood into perfectly shaped, expressive works of art. From injured tree trunks, he creates something new, unraveling what’s hidden inside, making use of every nuance in color, every roughness in texture to bring to light the verve of this stunning natural material.


huber88His artifacts are not only very pleasing to the eye, your very soul will be touched by the soothing energy radiating from these family trees (in German: Stammbaum).


Any room enriched by Franz‘ works of art becomes a true gem, effectively destressing the hectic pace of your days.