Energetic Wood Art

What does „energetic“ mean?

Just as air does, Franz Huber’s wooden family trees saturate rooms with energy of life. This energy can be measured using the so called Bovis scale, named after French radiesthesist André Bovis (1871–1947). Any numbers ranging from 11,000 to 30,000 are considered to possess healing qualities.

Most of us work and live in environments ranging far below 11,000 Bovis. Therefore, it becomes more and more important to surround ourselves with natural resources. Franz Huber’s family trees are energetic. By filling spaces with their energy of life, they have a positive influence on your well-being.


Customer Voices

huber9In our house entrance, we have a beautiful tree trunk made from a Grafensteiner apple tree.
The craftsmanship is simply marvelous. It’s naturally cleaved and twisted and has a fantastic grain. It’s an original, an extraordinary eye-catcher. The integrated light provides ample illumination, and it looks very homey.


We’re so happy with this wonderful piece of art. All our visitors admire its beauty, saying, „this must be the work of an artist.“
Thank you!

Sepp und Liesi R,  Waldmünchen

huber33These sculptures are so magical and fascinating, they immediately draw you in. You’ll stop to look for an explanation as to what it is that makes them so special. I think they possess quite a few stimulating features. The eye is pleased with their form and structure, the wonderful grain. Your heart begins to feel how soothing it is to stand in front of the sculptures, to admire them and feel them. They inspire all your senses.


When a piece of art achieves such sensual sensations then it is very precious and you just don’t want to be without it.

Heidi L., Schachen-Herisau